Lay Servant School Opportunity

1C0DB4AB53184246B15FA35967CEEBAF_LayServMin_logo-239The Meridian District of the United Methodist Church is offering its annual Lay Servant school on Saturday, March 7th at College Park United Methodist Church in Meridian. If you are interested in this opportunity, click here to see the brochure. If you would like to attend, fill out the application included in the brochure and bring it to Brother Jonathan for approval.

Here is some basic information about Lay Servant ministry:

The 2012 Book of Discipline changed the name of the (Lay Speaking) ministry to “Lay Servant Ministries” in recognition of the broadened scope of leading, caring and communication made in 1992. Certification remain the same for the “name”.

To become a Local Lay Servant, a candidate must apply, be recommended by the pastor and church council or by the charge conference, and take the Basic Lay Servant Course. Reapplication is required annually along with an approved refresher course every three years.

The Local Church Lay Servant with appropriate training shall serve the local church in which membership is held in areas of leadership, caring, and communicating.

A candidate to become a Certified Lay Servant must apply, be recommended by the pastor and church council or by the charge conference, and take both the Basic Lay Servant Course and an approved Advanced Course.

The application shall then be reviewed and approved by the district committee on lay servant ministries or equivalent. Continued recognition required reporting and reapplication annually, and recommendation by the pastor and church council or charge conference, Continued recertification requires the completion of an approved Advanced Course every three years.

The Certified Lay Servant shall continue to serve the local church (where primary attention to service is expected), and as called upon may serve beyond the local church in the district and conference.