Homecoming and Revival

As announced yesterday: We are preparing for homecoming services on April 19th at 10:30 AM. Rev. Rusty White, former pastor of Oak Grove and whose family has ties to our church, will be the preacher for the service. A potluck lunch will follow. If you haven’t been with us in a while, come be with us! Invite anyone who has ties to Oak Grove to attend as well.

The same night at 7:00 PM, revival services will begin and continue through April 23rd (services will begin at 7:00 PM each night). On the 19th, Rev. Kathy Price will be bringing the message with Rev. Dewayne Warren preaching the rest of the week. We pray that this will be an uplifting time of worship and that the Holy Spirit will truly bring revival to our church and our community.

We hope you will make plans to join us for these wonderful times of worship and fellowship.