Palm Sunday March 29, 2015 @ Oak Grove

palm_sundaySunday school – 9:30 AM
Worship – 10:30 AM
Choir Practice – 5:30 PM
Study on Revival by Rev. Adam Hamilton – 6:30 PM

Today is the day on the church calendar where we celebrate the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem in the most humble way possible: On a simple donkey colt. The people celebrated, waved palm branches, laid their cloaks on the ground at the donkey’s feet and shouted “Hosanna!” What a wonderful day it was. Today’s scripture is found in Mark 11:1-11 (CEB).

Last year I did a narrative sermon where I told the Palm Sunday from the perspective of the donkey colt. This year, we’re talking a look at what the donkey’s master must have thought about all of this. You are invited to suspend your disbelief, allow some levity and to hear an encouraging message about our amazing Lord.

Tonight we will also have our final installment of Revival by Adam Hamilton. Even if you haven’t been part of the study up to this point, come and hear about how we can be revived to live fuller lives for Christ.

Come as you are and bring someone with you to begin Holy Week!

In Christ,
Bro. Jonathan