Sunday, May 3 @ Oak Grove

vineSunday School – 9:30 AM
Worship – 10:30 AM
Choir Practice – 5:30 PM
Evening Study – 6:30 PM

Being connected to each other is essential. The human connection has been put to work in places like Nepal where humanitarian aid from all over the world is being given. Regardless of distance, all people are connected in various ways. To me, it’s part of what makes us human!

As Christians, we are called not to shut ourselves off from others. We are called to share the journey. Think of it this way: Many people think of having a personal relationship with Christ as if they and Jesus are in a two-seater convertible. Just them and Jesus riding off into the sunset that is eternity. The proper way to think about being in relationship with Christ is that we certainly do have that relationship but instead of a car we’re in a large bus! We branch off from Christ and are also connected with one another, going on to perfection together. Being connected is what we are talking about today!

You are invited to come and worship with us. Also, come and celebrate holy communion. Our being connected makes us one big family. Families share meals together and this meal is the best of all. God invites all to partake so even if you are not a member of Oak Grove, you are still part of the family and can commune with us!

I hope to see YOU!

In Christ,
Bro. Jonathan