The exterior of Oak Grove United Methodist Church.

Oak Grove Church was organized in 1818 as part of the Chickasawhay Circuit with Rev. John Booth as Circuit Pastor. This circuit reached as far South as Biloxi, MS and as far North as Coffeeville, AL. Centered in the once great Choctaw Indian nation, this area was ceded to the United States. In 1820 by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. After the Doaks Stand Treaty of 1820, people settled rapidly in the area as it had much to offer.

It is believed that Rev. Ransom Jones was the first person to preach in this community. In 1827 he began preaching in the home of John Strickland. A log church was built near where Bud Robinson now lives on Clarke County Road 350. This Church was jointly used by the Baptists and Methodists until 1847. The Baptists organized New Hope Church about a half mile North of where it is now located on Highway 145. That same year, 1847, about a half mile west of where Oak Grove now stands, the Methodists organized and built a log church. After this church burned, another log church was built on the same lot where our church now stands. This structure also burned. A frame building was constructed and used until 1911 when it was dismantled. Another frame building was erected on the same lot. Oak Grove Methodist Church celebrated its’ Centennial in this building on September 18, 1947.

In August 1949 this building was torn down and replaced by a concrete block building which we now occupy. This building was dedicated on Sunday June 24, 1951. Since that time several class rooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a covered drive-through carport and steeple have been added. Our building has been bricked, central heat & air conditioning installed. An outside activity building and a lighted brick sign have been added. The addition of a Fellowship Hall now houses our Sunday School classes and the pastor’s study as well as allowing a place for special celebrations and activities.

We became a full time church in June 1994 enabling us to become better Christian Servants as we endeavor to do God’s Will. The best we can determine from 1847 to the present, we have had a total of eighty-five ministers. Our present pastor, Justus Booth, is our eighty sixth. We are his first appointment in the UMC.

God has been good to our church and community seeing us through both good and bad times. With a strong faith in God and His Guiding Hand we continue to look forward to a rewarding future.

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