1262536_504241963013785_690605007_oWe hold a worship service very Sunday morning at 10:30 AM in our sanctuary. During this time we proclaim God’s love for us in prayer, with song and with preaching. This is a time of reflection, praise and growth as we worship our Lord in song, by bringing our concerns and celebrations to His throne and by hearing a message that seeks to help us grow in our faith and enable us to love and serve Him more.

The music is a blend of the traditional hymns of the church as well as newer praise music. Oak Grove’s choir leads the congregation in singing and presents special music on a regular basis. Currently we have musicians playing the piano, electric organ and violin and we hope to add other instruments as we are led and able.

During the worship service we affirm our faith by using the Apostles’ Creed and we recite the Lord’s Prayer after the pastoral prayer. If you are not familiar with either the creed or the Lord’s Prayer, the words are printed in the bulletin.

We have no “rules” in the worship service – you are invited to worship as you see fit, whether that is by raising your hands or some other 10245504_516627735108541_6239634942542825563_nexpression. Or, you may sit and contemplate what the Holy Spirit may be revealing to you through your worship. Above all, we hope that you will worship God with passion.

The sermons are intended to help you learn more about the Lord, deepen your faith and to challenge you to put your faith into action. The sermons are designed to relate to people of all ages with real life applications that anyone can relate to.

On the first Sunday of the month Holy Communion is served. As the table belongs to Jesus Christ, we invite all to receive Holy Communion if they choose. In other words, you do not have to be a member of Oak Grove in order to receive Communion.

Special times of worship are shared on occasions such as Christmas Eve and Good Friday. We also hold a Hanging of the Greens service and observe other special services throughout the year.

Our hope and prayer is that you find the worship at Oak Grove United Methodist Church to be meaningful and helpful in deepening your faith.

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